Weight management

Do you have a fear of death?    Are you scared of dying?   Of course many people live unhealthy lives and live to a ripe old age, but the trend is going the other way.  There are many health downsides to being overweight.  I can’t possibly cover them all but here’s a reminder of just some of them.  It does not make comfortable reading – but it’s something every overweight person whatever his or her age should take a close look at, however much you may not want to.  You might like to create your own imaginary order of what you fear most?.........

Type 2 Diabetes:  reckoned to be among the top five killers in most developed countries, over three quarters of people with Type 2 Diabetes are overweight.  High blood glucose levels associated with diabetes increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, kidney failure, poor circulation which can lead to limb amputation and even blindness.

Stroke: according to the NHS, is the third largest killer in the UK.  Usually a blockage or rupture of a blood vessel in the brain, strokes can leave a person paralysed down one side and affect speech and vision – among other things.  Obesity is a high indicator of likelihood of suffering a stroke.

Cancers:  Some 13,000 people in the UK every year could avoid getting cancer if they Ire a healthy weight .  The World Health Organisation says obesity/overweight  are the most important known avoidable causes of cancer after tobacco.  Among types known to be linked to  weight  are colon, breast, prostate and thyroid. 

Heart Attack:  A fifth of heart disease in the UK can be attributed to obesity, and heart disease can cause heart attacks and angina. A heart attack is usually caused by a blockage or rupture of one of the main blood vessels around the heart.  Usually extremely painful –however although a heart attack is by no means always fatal, after effects can include depression and catastrophic lifestyle changes. 

Alzheimer’s: Researchers now claim that being overweight increases the chances of developing Alzheimer’s by up to 80 per cent, The latest evidence shows that maintaining a healthy weight is the best way to avoid an increased risk of mental decline in later years (Daily Mail May 2011)

Asthma – Infertility – Gallstones – Osteoarthritis – Sleep Apnoea – Gout –

Fatty Liver Disease –   Need I say more? 

Remember, this is a snapshot of just some of the better-known health risks of obesity.

So what are your reasons for wanting to shed excess weight ? Rather than simply thinking about all the reasons why you want to be slimmer than you are now, you will find it much more powerful, and far easier to be successful, if you actually commit those thoughts to writing. The majority of people never follow this exercise through even though they have read or been told to do it on numerous occasions. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why do all the books and professionals tell you to do the same?

Fork in the Road

Untitled-1.jpgIt’s up to you…. you’re at the fork in the road of your life. Will you decide to keep heading down that same old road? It’s the easiest thing in the world to do: you wouldn’t have to make any effort at all.  Or are you prepared to change your course with just a little bit of effort?


Stand at that fork in the road and just stop and think. Think what you’d feel like a year from now if nothing changes.  You carry on doing exactly what you’re doing. You’ll have had another year of being overweight, feeling bad about yourself, comfort eating, looking older, feeling terrible, getting out of breath.  If nothing changes in your life just how overweight will you be next year?   Don’t be under the illusion you’ll be the same as you are now because you won’t.  It’ll be worse.  It always is.  Maybe much worse.


But to feel like that for another year is not why you  looking for a less aggression ways it is to change from inside out to change the way you think and feel it is he Virtual Mind Band therapy.  Take yourself back to the fork in the road and have a look at how it’s going to feel different if you take the other road.  Make a little bit of effort.  Make a few changes.  So a year ahead on this road, you can see all the positive things – you’re weight is less than  a year ago, you’re fitter, you look in the mirror and you look a lot younger, you have plenty of energy, your clothes fit you, you’re feeling good about yourself, if you’ve got a partner they’re looking at you admiringly, everything’s great in your family, your relationship, your whole life; everything’s so much better and there are loads of positive things to focus on.


If you think calmly and deeply enough about the two options – another year the way you are at the moment, versus the positive, vibrant year after making a few changes – you might find yourself getting quite upset at the thought of how things have been and how they could be.

It is when you decide to take up the Virtual Mind Band therapy  you  can achieve your goal to be what you always wanted the healthy and fit person.


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