General Anxiety disorder

Anxiety  is about  anticipating and imaging the worst case scenario of a situation or an event and building on that to make the small hills huge mountains.   It can take many forms depending  what the person feels in different situation such as social anxiety and it can develop into full fledge fear and panic attack, however there is  also the situation when a person suffers from  generalized anxiety disorder  about many things.  The difference between anxiety and fear is that anxiety is imagined (only in the head) and fear is a real situation such as fear of spider where there is real evidence of triggering the fight and flight response. 

With anxiety issue there are negative thinking patterns and behaviors which are if sustained you will maintain the issue and will last longer, so the key is to identify those thinking errors behaviors that keep the anxiety alive in your life and replace them with more healthy and supporting ones.

Moreover, recognizing the symptoms of anxiety including physical, emotional, and mental will help in understanding that it is only anxiety that you are going through and is not a life threatening issue, So if you feel that a simple nausea that you will be sick or when you feel that the surrounding is unreal then you are crazy, it will not be the case when you are aware of the symptoms of anxiety.  So it is a good idea to understand these symptoms and interpret them as normal and not dangerous.

Tools and approaches like hypnotherapy, BrainWorking Recursive Therapy, NLP, emotion code release conducted over  4-6 therapy sessions will help a lot in alleviating the anxiety levels.


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