Breathing Therapy

Breathing techniques are an essential part of almost all spiritual disciplines, holistic health systems and relaxation therapies. Breathing is essential to good health; we eliminate waste and toxins by means of the bowel and bladder functions and through the skin via the sweat glands. 80% of the waste by-products and toxins of the body are eliminated through breathing.

Through the practice of pranayama, the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide is attained. Absorbing ‘prana’ through breath control technique links our body, mind and spirit. Breathing is one of our most vital functions in itself, but also our moods and feelings are reflected through the rhythm of our breath. 

The word ‘Pranayama’ has two parts:‘prana’ is energy, the self – energizing force that embraces the body. ‘Ayma’ means stretch, extension, expansion, length, breath, restraint and control, describing the action of pranayama.  Pranayama is when this self-energizing force embraces the body with extension, expansion and control.

Our life is full of all kinds of stress so we tend to ignore the way we breathe. It tends to be fast and shallow. The use of only a fraction of our lungs results in the lack of oxygen and may lead to complications like sleep disorders and fatigue. Therefore, the negative energy of being restless and troublesome leads to lesser prana inside the body. By practicing deep and systematic breathing using pranayama, we re-energize our body.

Primal Therapy: The breathing is very deep and fast, the back tense and arched; hands clenched and strained, jaws tight and rigid; the whole body fighting to contain “an eerie scream welling up from the depths”.

It is a hysterical “letting go” of conscious controls of the body and emotions which opens up the unconscious to awareness.

So Imagine what can the body and mind let go and release through breathing therapy if it is done under supervision of a professional therapist.  I helped a client to heal from asthma through breathing therapy.


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