As an assistant to Dr Leila Edwards on the recent Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy course being held in Bahrain, I had many chances to observe Layla as a student hypnotherapist/psychotherapist and was impressed by her calm, professional manner when working with her clients. She was a conscientious student, always seeking to perfect her skills and learn more than the required minimum I would have no hesitation in recommending Layla as a Counsellor, Stress Management Consultant, and a Hypnotherapist/Psychotherapist helping you to deal with fears, phobias, managing anxiety, quit smoking and to work with you to bring about real positive change in your life

Fiona Andrews - Independent Mental Health Care Professional



Layla is a wonderful, warm, passionate therapist with up to date skills and knowledge in Positive Psychology and Hypnotherapy, Counselling, NLP & Psychotherapy… she is following her heart and calling in helping making positive changes in lives of others through her guidance and support. I would recommend her services to anyone seeking quality therapy and compassionate approach

Dr. Olessya Burgess - M. D and Alternative Medicine Professional, Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, Master Pract.of NLP



Asthma was a big issue in my life. The doctors said since the asthma started in my childhood and it might last to the age of twenty or before.   I am twenty-one and nothing changed I still have asthma.   I saw Mrs. Layla Bujandal for asthma who explained to me even before starting the sessions that I will have to do my best and work hard for it because fifty percent of the treatment depends on the person himself.

We started the sessions on weekly basis, after one session a big change happened and everyone noticed it my family, my friends and myself.  We took five sessions and the results were impressive because we didn’t work on the asthma only but also my personality and confidence issue which I had.

I am free from asthma now and a better person because my confidence level has raised and accordingly my personality has changed positively.  Today I am a happier person, active socially and willing to do my best in everything so I can enjoy my life as much as I can. 

I am very thankful to Mrs. Bujandal for these sessions and I advise anyone who have this issue to go for it and I am sure you won't regret it.

 Abdulla Mohammed Ebrahim



'The 3 sessions of hypnotherapy was a wonderful experience. It was something very new and different to dive into in terms of healing oneself, very therapeutical for the soul. People tend to forget that whatever problem that surfaces, it always starts from within and that is what needs to be focused on and that is how hypnotherapy has helped me .. there were a lot of deep and calming meditations that I underwent that made me understand my situation more clearly. Layla was very helpful, patient and understanding with it all, the exercises given aside from the meditation sessions were extremely great, easy tools were taught that were not only helpful during the therapy session but tools that when learnt, are always carried within you to tap into whenever you feel like you need them.’




Layla… Layla …Layla… Layla, Thank you so much,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Few months ago I went to the doctor for follow up when I was pregnant and found out that the baby had died, and I had an emergency surgery.  After the surgery it took couple of weeks to recover, I had continuous pain for almost 2 weeks, at that time Layla gave me session on pain control, after which the pain completely disappeared, I have already noticed a difference in my body and how comfortable it felt

I got the CD she recorded it especially for me. It's great listening to it. She guided me on how to love myself, how to treat myself, each time I listen to the CD I really feel it hits the spot... As I have continued working with it, I recognize that these are aspects of myself that I have needed to acknowledge.   Stop technique she taught me dismissed negative thoughts away from me and attracted positive thoughts, and I was aware of my thoughts.  In addition, the breath techniques helped me a lot to sleep when I had sleeping problems, with the breathing technique I have never had such an easy time falling asleep.    I have noticed that I am much calmer than before, as I used to have difficulties in dealing and accepting peoples the way they are, I use to be aggressive & rude to others.  

After knowing and working with Layla everything changed, even my family and friends noticed the difference and they like the way I am now and the person I translated to.   I became a very calm and relaxed person, it made a big difference to my mental strength and overall I love the process of change, I can manage stress very well, and my response to stressors has changed to better.   I am so pleased working with Layla- the results exceeded my expectations.   Thank you Layla, you made me feel relaxed and comfortable with myself, the therapy is very effective.  

Nadia Jameel



جلسة توعوية رائعة، لم تكن بهدف العلاج أو بهدف حل مشكلة تواجهني ولكن ليقيني بأنني أحتاج أن أكون في أقصى ما أستطيع بكل ما أملكه من مال و جهد و وقت لأتمكن من تحقيق أهدافي الشخصية و المهنية.   لقد استطعت من خلال  هذه الجلسات تحقيق عدة أهداف كنت أستصعبها كثيرا و أعتبرها شيئا يصعب علي أن أراه واقعا ملموسا، و لم يكن ذلك إلا برحمة الله ثم بتلك الجلسات التي ألهمتني تطوير الذات بشكل مرحلي و متطور.

 أدعو كل من يريد أن يحقق أهدافه القريبة و البعيدة أن  يحضر مثل هذه الجلسات التوعوية.

حمد العريفي


Great goal achieving session, which was not a therapy in order to solve the problem I was having, but I was convinced that I needed to be in as much as I can with all money, effort and time I own to be able to achieve my personal and professional goals. By attending these sessions, I was able to achieve several objectives   which I used to consider hard to achieve and see as a reality.   Only because of God’s mercy and then those sessions that inspired me for self-development gradually and progressively. 
 I invite anyone who wants to achieve their objectives near and far to attend such self-sessions.

Hamad Al Oraifi

I always found myself facing constant issue and fears when it came to lizards. But recently it developed to more extreme levels and I found it harder to complete minor tasks that became obstacles due to a lizard being around. It also developed into scary dreams that woke me up abruptly, and it was difficult to go back to sleep because I would picture them whenever I closed my eyes. 

That was when I was introduced by Ms. Layla Bujandal  to hypnotherapy (fast phobia fix) as a treatment for this phobia. After trying one session of hypnotherapy, I felt a massive improvement. It helped me so much, a fear that kept me from going to places was now significantly less. I could walk through the garden with no fear even if I saw one in front of me, I wouldn’t have to look for an alternative way. I would just do things normally. 

Hypnotherapy in my personal experience was highly beneficial to me and I would recommend it to all with phobia’s, because I was able to see a big difference from just one session.

Sharifa Ahmed.